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TGM100-PRO Advanced RTK GPS/Compass Module

The TGM100-PRO Advanced RTK GPS/Compass system provides precision position and heading information for ground-based, mobile or airborne applications. Leveraging the latest technology from uBlox™, Taoglas™, Honeywell™ and Microchip™ the TGM100 system is designed to enable RTK Fixed Mode under normal operating conditions. An innovative LED feature provides an instant graphical representation of the GPS receiver’s performance, including received satellite constellation and signal strength, RTK mode etc. The TGM100-PRO features a 32-bit PIC32MX microprocessor with RS-562, CAN and Ethernet interface (CAN and Ethernet interfaces are optional).

TGM100 TGM100

TGM100-PRO GPS/Compass Board:

  • uBlox NEO-M8P High-Precision GPS:
  • Option 1: TGM100-00 for ROVER ONLY applications (NEO-M8P-0 GPS receiver)
  • Option 2: TGM100-02 for BASE or ROVER applications (NEO-M8P-2 GPS receiver)
  • Taoglas 35mm High-Gain ceramic patch antenna (P/N CGGBP.35.6.A.02):
    • Applications: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
    • Frequencies (Center): 1.56MHz, 1.575MHz, 1.602GHz
    • Gain: 4.5dBi, 3dBi, 4.5dBi
  • 100 x 100 mm antenna ground plane (as recommended by uBlox)
  • Honeywell HMC6343 3-axis Fully Integrated Compass module
    • Tilt-compensated compass (3-axis MEMS accelerometer)
    • Compass Algorithms for computation of heading with magnetic hard-iron calibration
  • USB Port to uBlox NEO-M8P GPS receiver:
    • Separate USB power supply, which is disabled when not in use
  • Dedicated Ultra-Low Noise 3.3V Linear Regulator for GPS Receiver and Compass module
  • GPS receiver backup power for fast position lock after power-up (Super-cap is located on processor board)
  • 24 LEDs (2 circles of 12 LEDs) used to indicate received satellite azimuth, elevation and signal strength
  • Dedicated RTK LED


TGM-DC10 Processor Board:

  • Microchip PIC32MX795F512H-80I/PT:
    • 32-bit Microcontroller with 512KB Flash and 128KB SDRAM
    • UARTS, I2C, Ethernet, Can Bus
  • Microchip LAN8740 PHY
    • Single-chip Ethernet PHY Transceiver (10/100)
    • Operated in Media Independent Interface (MII) mode
  • LED Driver PCA9956BTWY
    • I2C interface to PIC Microcontroller
    • Independent control of 24 LEDs
  • RS-562 Driver (Dual Port)
  • CAN Bus Transceiver (optional)
  • 26-pin Hirose DF11 header:
    • 2 x RS-562 serial ports
    • 4 x General Purpose Input/Output signals (to PIC)
    • Ethernet port (Tx+, Tx-, Rx+, Rx-)
    • PIC Programming Interface (GND, Vpp/MCLR, +3.3V, DAT, CLK)
    • CAN Bus (CANH, CANL)
  • Two General Purpose Push Buttons (One typically used for RTK “Survey-In”)
  • LEDs: “+3.3V” and “CPU Active”
  • Power Input: 8 – 36V
TGM100 Advanced RTK Diagram